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Chicago Condo Market Glut Reaches Biblical Proportions

I knew it was bad and getting worse but as we updated our Chicago neighborhood housing market statistics I started to see deterioration on a scale I had not seen before. It used to be that the evidence of a slowdown was limited to the fringe areas of the city. Sacred neighborhoods like Lincoln Park… Read more


Chicago Condo Glut Just Getting Worse

This week’s Crain’s ran a story on the continuing demise of the downtown condo market. According to data from Appraisal Research Counselors sales of new downtown homes (i.e. condos) sank “73% to a record-low 685 units during the first six months of this year” compared with the first half of 2007. Here is the data:… Read more


The Chicago Condo Glut

Anyone who has looked around Chicago during the last year has probably remarked to themselves that there sure are a lot of cranes in the air building ever more expensive condominiums. The Chicago Spire alone is adding 1194 units to the supply and constructing a building that tall can not be cheap. I for one… Read more