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The Truth About Chicago Area Housing Prices

Not many real estate brokers will tell you what I am about to tell you: Most of the data you’ve been fed about housing price changes is grossly misleading Housing is not the great investment that the NAR (National Association of Realtors) wants you to believe Let me give you some typical examples of the… Read more


Evaluating Chicago Real Estate Investment Property

With interest rates down and the real estate and stock markets declining everyone is trying to figure out how to invest their money to increase their returns. I’ve been scouring the planet looking for opportunities in tax exempt municipals, CDs, and even my life insurance policies. Naturally, some people are looking at income producing properties… Read more


Local Employment and the Demand for Real Estate

The Real Estate Industry’s mantra is “real estate is local”. That is supposed to calm the fears of potential buyers who are hearing about real estate woes across the country. I personally believe that the subtext of this message is supposed to be that losing money in real estate is something that happens somewhere else…. Read more