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Trying to Sell a Rug, Picture or a CONDO?

I have to admit, being in real estate gives me the opportunity to laugh daily.  This one was worth sharing.  While searching through Chicago properties on the MLS and the photos of condos for a client, I came across the following photos : So, how much are they asking for the picture and the rug?  It… Read more


The Worst Real Estate Photos Ever

I’ve written before about the deplorable photographs that some agents use on their listings but these photos of a short sale loft deserve a prize. I’ve seen people joke about realtors shooting photos with their cell phones on some of the real estate blogs but I never thought that really happened. Apparently so: This shot… Read more


Toilet Appeal

There is apparently no limit as to how stupid some real estate agents can be. Or maybe they just don’t care. One of my pet peeves is the outrageously awful service/marketing that some real estate agents provide – especially on foreclosures or short sales. In addition to not answering the phone or returning phone calls there… Read more