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Chicago Condo Market Looking Grim

Well, it looks bad for sellers but good for buyers. Our recent check of months of supply of 2 – 3 bedroom condos in the city clearly highlights what we all instinctively know: there is a ton of inventory out there. 2008 was uniformly higher than 2007 and really shot up over the last 4… Read more


Chicago Condo Market Glut Reaches Biblical Proportions

I knew it was bad and getting worse but as we updated our Chicago neighborhood housing market statistics I started to see deterioration on a scale I had not seen before. It used to be that the evidence of a slowdown was limited to the fringe areas of the city. Sacred neighborhoods like Lincoln Park… Read more


Lakeview Housing Market Immune to Chicago Woes?

While the housing market is hurting in most parts of Chicago, Lakeview mysteriously remains somewhat immune. Not too long ago Crain’s ran an article which showed data calculated by Fiserv Lending Solutions which calculated the Case-Shiller index down to the zip code level for 76 different zip codes in the Chicago area where they had… Read more