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1400 S. Michigan Lowers Prices To Auction Levels

Earlier today I received an email from 1400 S. Michigan – Tower II promoting recent price reductions with the subject line “Auction Pricing without the Auction!” Basically they are claiming that they’ve lowered their asking prices to the auction levels. Well, if you can buy a unit at the same price as at auction then… Read more


1400 S Michigan Avenue Tower II Auction Results

Today I attended the condo auction for 1400 S Michigan Avenue – Tower II held at the W Hotel on Adams St. in Chicago – along with about 300 -500 other people. 43 condos were auctioned off in about 1 1/2 hours at an discount off of the last list price of about 26%. Here… Read more


Villa Taj Auction Cancelled At Last Minute

I know that many of you must have had your hearts broken yesterday when you showed up with your $250,000 checks to bid on Villa Taj in Burr Ridge, the house that once was listed at $25 million. Apparently, the auctioneer pulled the property from the auction at the last minute after several of you… Read more